Getting Started

This article relates to the 2018 Malgra Accounting Spreadsheet

Loading up

When you first load the spreadsheet, you’ll be presented with a welcome screen, and taken to the setup screen.

Setup Screen

This page is a small customisation form, allowing you to personalise some features of the spreadsheet. You’ll be asked a few short questions to allow you to setup your spreadsheet for use.

Your business

You can choose a name for your business here – this will then reflect through the spreadsheet on reports. The standard name is ‘ABC Slimming World’, however you may choose to change this to something personal.

Working from home

As part of the simplified expenses route, you’ll be asked how many hours per month you’re working at home. The system will explain what this is, and you can read more here.

The system will automatically calculate your allowance, depending on the hours you select, and the number of months you’ll be entering data for.

You can always return later to change these.

Go to the dashboard

On clicking this, you’ll be presented with your overview dashboard.

Updated on April 19, 2018

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