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Support for Slimming World Consultants

The MalgraBooks Tax Guide provides help and guidance for Self Employed Slimming World Consultants to ensure compliance with HMRC with regards to income tax matters. Download spreadsheets, advice and more!

How to use

The main knowledge base is the best place to start – search for items using phrases or keywords, and our database will see what articles are available


You can use the below key categories to view information related to different subject matters:


You’ll find spreadsheets to support completing your accounts in your Malgra Plus account

MalgraBooks Clients

If you’re a MalgraBooks Client who has their accounts and self assessment managed for you, you can view details about our Client Portal, or get support from our friendly team.

MalgraBooks is a paid-for service which allows our team to run your business accounts for you. Services start from £149 per year, and some packages include submission of your tax return.

Updated on September 27, 2019

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