Your Dashboard

This article relates to the 2018 Malgra Accounting Spreadsheet

Your report

This section of the dashboard provides a short graph showing your expenses and income. This is automated from data which is entered into the spreadsheet.

Summary / Reporting

The system will automatically calculate your income and expenses from your data, and provide with a profit/loss amount. This can be used for SA100 Self Assessment Tax Returns – and you can view more details by clicking the ‘View Annual Report’ button

Customisation / Data

This section allows you to customise the system with your group name, add details of your work from home allowance (simplified expenses) and also log mileage for the system to calculate.

Further Information

The spreadsheet has a number of useful links located around the spreadsheet, such as direct links to the Online Tax Guide and MalgraBooks.

Updated on April 19, 2018

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